Verse 1

On my bed one morning

I  had me thinking

Of all your goodness and your mercy

In my life, day by day

Morning noon and night

You know how to make things right

Lord you’ve been good

Your love’s so strong

Just how I feel words can’t express

For all you’ve done, I can’t repay

I’ll lift my voice and say



Thank you Lord for your love

You show me everyday

Now I’ve got my mind made up

I’ll praise you everywhere

You broke the chains, set me free

You gave my life new meaning

For all that I am and will be

I wonna say thank you Lord


Verse 2

So good to know you’re my help

My shelter in the storm

You’re my light in the drink

My peace, my strength

Lord you’re my countenance

My hungry soul, you always fed

Lord you provide everyone of my need

I’m so grateful for all you’ve done

I’ll lift my voice and say


Repeat Chorus



When I look ahead of me

My heart is filled with joy

Because with you by side

I know that I can make it

Thank you Lord


Lord I’m grateful for my life you saved

Now am whole because of the life you gave

In adoration of your name my hands I’ll wave

To say thank you

I’m sure no one treats me the way you do

You took away my past and gave a life so new

Only you can make my dreams come true

Thank you

Thank you