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Heaven is Here

    A song inspired by God’s dwelling place (heaven) WOOW!! Alas! the dwelling place of God is with man! Rejoice in the wholeness of His presence; Our King is here! His kingdom is amongst men! A promise of exploit, joy, excitement, love, breakthrough, miracles, signs and wonders. Let me introduce you to a sound […]

He Cannot Lie

    Inspired by Numbers 23:19 & Isaiah 55:11 This is my story, this is my song I was at a place in my life where nothing seemed to work. The devil played with my mind, fear and doubt took possesion of me and I started  doubting  the authenticity  of God’s Word. One of those […]


Lyrics Verse 1 Lord you are my everything Everything is you oh Lord (repeat verse 1) Chorus You are the air I breathe There’s no life without you Lord (repeat chorus) Verse 2 No no no no no no no No on no no no no no (Repeat all 6times) Chorus You are the air […]

Born In Me

      Lyrics Verse 1 CHRIST was born in a manger In spite of all the hassle and danger He survived it still and conquered all Christmas is all about him Our hero our Lord and king Chorus CHRIST is born in me CHRIST is born in me It’s not just in a manger […]

Bo Itoro Remix ft Utibe Williams

    Lyrics Verse 1 When the praises go up, The glory comes down, When the praises go up, I’m never the same. Chorus Bo itoro 4x (Take the praise and glory) Anana mbiet abasi (The God who has no resemblance and cannot be compared) Verse 2 Healing is here because of the glory Power […]

Your Love

Verse 1 I’ve had lonely days I’ve had quiet nights I never thought life could favor me Fear was my companion Misery my shelter I never imagined a world without pain And a life filled with so much gain Knowing you has changed my story   Chorus It was your love Your love that found […]

Big Daddy (Bobo)

Verse 1 I have a bobo My senior bobo I have a daddy My big big daddy e…no dey carry me play (2x) I no fit carry last oh e… no dey carry me play     Chorus My bobo (4x) e… no dey carry me play my daddy (4x) e…no dey carry me play […]

All Things Are Working

Verse 1 I don’t know what you’re going through But there’s one thing I know for sure Nothing is impossible with him Even when things are going wrong God is working behind the scene He’ll make all things work for your good   Chorus All things are working for your good (2x) You got to […]

Your Friend

Verse 1 There are times in life When you feel like giving up Pressures mount from all directions There’s nothing to cling to Obviously there’s something lacking in you So many nights you try not to cry It comes to no avail Situations keep making you fail And desperately you search for someone To make […]

I Love You So Much

Verse 1 Living for you my Lord Is all I wonna do Worshipping you my king Gives me pleasure beyond anything Dwelling in your presence Lord Is heaven to me Hearing your voice When you speak to me There’s no way I can go a stray   Chorus I love you Lord (2x) I Love […]